What is the deal with ID requirements?

Can someone explain to me why personal information about someone would be required to buy monero cash by mail? I get that a seller has the right to require anything they want and the buyer can choose not to do it with it being a free market and all. But what is a reasoning? It seems completely antithetical to involve identification in the cash purchase of a privacy coin. I don’t mean to sound like I am complaining, I am thankful I found this site and plan to use it much more. But I am genuinely confused. Why would people who do not care about privacy even be interested in monero? Particularly for a cash purchase it doesn’t make sense because there is no risk to the seller. If they don’t have the cash, then don’t send the coins, simple as that. Nothing beyond a user name required.

You can ask the seller this question directly. Different traders will have different reasons. There are plenty of other cash by mail sellers that don’t ask for this information, so consider going with them instead.

On top of that you also have to trust the seller and that they won’t spread your ID or do anything nasty with it… It would be great if Local Monero had their own service which allows members to verify their identity which sellers cannot directly access, giving both parties peace of mind.

But then again, privacy is the whole motto of Monero so while they allow sellers to request KYC, they might personally not want to.

Bringing KYC onto this platform would be terrible. Just avoid traders who request it if you do not like it.