Where is everyone?

There are no trades, ads anymore. I know that the coin market market is diving but wtf?
Are you waiting for some stability or what?

I’m guessing people aren’t willing to sell at these prices.

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Have to spread the word of this site.

it’s so sad, so sad. Market pummeling is one thing, but the wasteland is continually shocking. Fluffy pony must save us or perhaps he is not the hero we deserve. imo he is a larper. I fear he’s sold out just like U2

Hey fluffster how about u broadcast a couple boyos and localmonero out on the times square screens like all the serious projects?
Maybe paint some merry round horses blue in a traveling carnival, something!

I really hate to blame the guy, I mean lots of unreasonable people out there. I’ve kept my cool even though monero basically killed my father in june.

I heard he’s going on a sabbatical to the ISS. Can u even believe it. lord british indeed.
My only advice to him is don’t forget where u come from, u can’t run from ur past. no one wants to see you in an early grave mate just slow down.

To blame fluffypony for the XMR price is really dumb, also if you knew Monero history you should have read since 2014 that devs are interested in making a fungible anonymous currency instead of create hype around an useless project, as thousands of “tokens” did. If you want marketing and hype around XMR you better do it by yourself… Also curious, how did Monero kill your father?

Ya ya economic girly-man working on little science projects

We need a strong leader. Gnom’-sayin? Tough guy just like you I think.
I can’t even talk about it. How could you even ask?

If you think we need a strong leader you dont understand monero. Its good like it is, time will tell. Its the best for monero that riccardo has other projects now like tari, so monero isnt associated with one person anymore. Look at ETH, you really want that to happen with monero?