"You have traded with this user"


Has anyone else encountered the bug where, once a user opens a trade with you and you click on their profile, it will always say “you have traded with this user”?

This happens even when I have 0 trades and have, clearly, not traded with them before.


This is not a bug. If there has ever been a trade opened between you and another user - it will say that you’ve traded.


Does this make logical sense though? If someone has opened a trade with me but the trade hasn’t been completed, it is illogical to say we have “traded”.

Wouldn’t it make more sense if “traded” meant a trade has been completed?

Thanks for the quick reply


That depends on what your intentions are for that function.


i found this function odd too, traded should mean completed trades…


Yes I agree that the function as it is now is next to useless. The only reason I would use this is if a user I don’t recognize opens a trade and I want to know quickly if we’ve had successful trades in the past to then follow up on by checking my own records. Without a way to view all trades with a particular user within the site, knowing that they have opened a trade at some indeterminate point in the past is not really relevant.


Thanks everyone for your input, from now on “You have traded with this user” will only appear when there is a completed trade. In addition, you can now view all your trades with a given user on their userpage.


Fantastic! Very impressed with how quickly you’ve implemented this.


Thanks Alex! Love to see new features added