ACH pulls. Credit Cards

Hi, Im new here, Im interested in learning about selling Monero.

I was recently talking to a friend who sells BTC, and would like to share and hear any thoughts.

Does anyone sell Monero via ACH pulls?
An ACH pull is almost impossible to reverse, so its pretty much scam free. If I sell Monero, the buyer cannot dispute the charge.
Currently I process ACH pulls and have the ability to do so in connection with crypto, so im wondering if that is an option, or if for some reason buyers wouldnt use it, over a push bank transfer.
Its also basically free to initiate, unlike a wire.

You are wrong. ACH pulls can be reversed pretty easily.

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OP seems legit.

BEWARE!!! DO NOT believe these posters. They do not know what they are talking about or are a scammer trying to convince naive people to accept ACH.
This is regarding US banks.
Many people are misinformed about ACH reversals including bank tellers.
In order to reverse an ACH you have to go to the branch and file an ‘ACH Affidavit’. It’s a document swearing there was some sort of mistake with the ACH that was sent. You have to sign a legal document. These are usually reserved for instances of fraud. Like somebody’s banking details were stolen and the hacker used it for a bunch of unauthorized charges. It’s VERY easy to do and takes 15 minutes.
The ACHs you will be receiving most are those of stolen bank accounts, which are a dime a dozen on the darkweb. Payment will come in like you expect, then a few days/weeks/months later the payment will get reversed. ANY, yes ANY bank payment it is reversible. That even includes domestic and international wire transfers. The only truly non-reversable payments are cash and cryptocurrencies.
Even if you heavily KYC and know the person you are dealing with owns the bank account sending and authorized the charge, they can still reverse it. Gamblers do this most. You’ll end up in court trying to get your money back.

What about postal money order? I would never release fund before I withdraw cash from postal money order.