Adding total volume traded? Or improve feedback sistem?

Today I made my second deal with the same customer so basically I will not receive a second feedback from him and this is not so good for a new vendor like me!

In fact everyone who will see my personal account will see (not now, maybe tomorrow or in 2 days) 3 trades and only one positive feedback.
I mean, there is nothing wrong on it but if we want to increase the trust on vendor it could help to see the volume of his transactions … If I see 3 transactions with a total volume of 2 XMR it’s totally different of 3 transactions with 20 XMR! But in this moment this two hypothetic account are at the same level!

Then, another solution (or better if the two coexist )could be to change the feedback system!
And what I mean is this: Instead of giving the possibility to release only 1 feedback between a vendor and a buyer, no matter if they trade 1 or 100 times, we could give the possibility to submit a feedback for every transaction the 2 person made.

And if I really think about this, in this moment, I see the bigger contradistinction I have ever seen … It doesn’t make sense for me that if my buyer had a great experience the first time but a poor one the second time that I will receive only one bad feedback! Why this? And maybe also the first time (the good one) he bought from me 10 XMR and the second only 1 XMR , but at the end I have only a negative feedback!!

This are my ideas to improve and make a safer place localmonero!

The feedback system is made so that it is harder for people to fake a large amount of positive feedback. Under the current system, only if a trading partner has at least 1 XMR of trade volume with you do you get visible feedback from them. Otherwise people would just create a second account and open 100 trades for 0.00001 XMR and get 100 positive feedback without burning through any money.

While it’s impossible to completely prevent feedback farming, the current system achieves a good balance between feedback farming prevention and legitimate reputation growth in our view.

Maybe next to each public feedback it could say something like “Between 1-10/10-50/50-100 XMR traded between these users” or “These users have traded X amount of times”. Obviously there is some tradeoff between privacy about individual transactions/amounts and indicating reputation, but I do think there could be some benefit from that additional information.

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In this sort of trade-off we prefer to err on the side of privacy. This might change in the future, though.

Yeah, exactly what I mean!
But maybe instead of the volume traded between two users it’s enough to see the total volume traded between that person and everyone else!