AMAZON gift card payment

hello can someone please make a AmAzon gift card payment method

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Hi 400k,

We have the “Gift card global” payment method on the platform where you can post offers with the Amazon gift cards. If you wish to sell XMR, please check some offers here: Sell Monero with Gift Card Code (Global) — LocalMonero

hello i have a question or suggestion there have been ads for trades for amazon gift cards but then they close their ad randomly maybe make a maxmium ad stay open for a week before ending it

Hi 400k,

The ads on our platform are posted by the traders, not by us. The traders are removing their ads for one reason or another, maybe they’re out of supply. This is a P2P platform and the people who post offers on our site can post their ads for as long as they want, just like people post their own ads for items they sell on eBay. You may try contacting them directly and ask if they can trade with you.

hello gift card payment just contact me