Any way to prove or show a Localmonero payment arrived at address?

As I was having problems with my Monero Wallet, I paid a friend direct from XMR bought from Localmonero by providing the address he gave me. A few weeks later, he says he never received it. I know this person and, as he’s not malicious, I believe him.

My question: Is there a way I can either prove to him the payment arrived successfully in his wallet or a way my payment can be positively identified in the wallet?

I’ve googled/searched faqs but still confused. Thanks.

Hi bbjoe2,

You can prove that the payment arrived successfully by providing your friend with the transaction ID. You can find it on the completed trade page, in the “Transfer to the buyer’s settlement wallet” window.

We also have to warn you that it’s not allowed to provide the settlement address of a third party. It’s against our TOS. You must send coins only to wallets where you personally control the keys. Please stop doing it.

Appreciated, Edward, thanks. Noted, that it’s against TOS. I won’t repeat it.