Best payment method for "anonymity" as first time trader?

So from scrolling through the non-crypto-to-crypto methods, paypal seems the most appealing since even though it is technically linked to the person, it’s at least one extra layer from direct bank transfer, but a lot of the good paypal rates require existing feedback score.
Now I only just saw that you need something like 100 usd equivalent of trade value to get feedback score, so what’s the best play, trade some >100 usd equivalent using sepa just to be safe, then go to paypal?

I don’t really see any anonymity gain from using PayPal. Yes, it won’t directly be linked to your account, but PayPal might also directly send all your payment infos to your country.

SEPA is probably the way to go if you want good rates. There aren’t really any risk with buying by SEPA transfer, unless your country forbids you from buying XMR.