Beware of this popular scam

Hello traders
I just wanted to warn you guys about a scam that has been going on. Pretty much a person opens up a trade with you using a payment method like zelle or applepay and you tell them your info to send money email/ phone #. Well the person who you are trading with is actually a fraudster.

There are several websites where someone is selling a dog. Pretty much the scammer has been chatting with the victim and the victim pays you thinking they are paying for a dog. Normally they want a refund once they found out they have been scammed. And if you release your moneroj then the scammer wins. This can lead to you getting your accounts closed, this has happened to me.

One of the ways to make sure you don’t become a victim of this scam is email or text the person back and have them confirm that they are buying cryptocurrency. This isn’t a specific user doing this, there are several and its even happened to me on paxful. Anyways stay safe guys

Thanks for the suggestion! Please feel free to report fraudulent activities to our staff, for this you can open a ticket on our support portal or contact me personally via Telegram @Edward_LocalMonero_AgoraDesk

Yeah this can happen alot especially with payment methods such as apple pay. I am a seller of amazon gift cards and its hard to know who is trustful or not. That’s why i made it so you have to buy the card in cash, and show me the receipt to prove its you. Its a little bit annoying but will help both parties out in the long run. I love local monero but starting out as a vendor can be hard.