Careful with New Accounts Purchasing

I had a couple of instances where newly opened accounts purchasing at limit. They either confirm payment whereby the money was never transferred or they somehow wait for you to maybe release the fund by mistake.

Obviously, the trade dispute function is there for protection but time wasters are just a nuisance.


Thanks for the heads up, just had a user named Bigby attempt to just mark the payment as complete and cancel the trade when I told him I wouldn’t release until i’ve confirmed the payment. :sweat_smile:


Hey Bill! He tried it with me earlier as well. I think we should ask for ID for new users buying higher amounts.


i wouldn’t blame you a bit for large amounts. It doesn’t make me very happy considering I am new to this platform with no trades yet plus my first trades are not going to be very big. Money is tight. If I’m ask to show id I will because I have nothing to hide plus I am very honest. I believe that when you steal from someone that your really stealing from yourself.

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