Country of trade

I am curious about country of the trade. I am selling XMR for cash in mail. Since I am from EU country I stated in description I accept mail from all EU countries ( since no customs should be super safe). Since I am lazy and dont want to write 25 offers I made just one offer for country Germany. Since is biggest one. And as I said I described that I accept mail from 25 countries. But what happened is that 3 trades so far all assumed I am from Germany. One of them even said that on his opinion what I an doing is misleading and is against market rules.

What do you guys think? When I did 2 opposites trades. So I was buying cash by mail with my XMR, those offering had offers for different countries. Not just the ones they are from. But maybe It is different since I offer a reverse trade and it matters where mail is headed. Please who knows about this.