Deleted trader name

About an hour ago I was making a trade for 400 worth of xmr using ltc as payment. I sent all I had in my wallet but after fees the trader only received 398. So he asked me to cancel that 400 trade and make another with them for 398. I was getting ready for work. So I was away from my phone for 20 min. I got back on and was gonna create the 398 trade. So I went to my cancelled trades to confirm I had right trader name and that initial 400 transaction is on there but the trader name says deleted. And the ltc I sent isn’t back in my wallet. And no xmr. What does that mean that their name says deleted. Did they shut down their account and take my money??

Yes, that seems to be the case, unfortunately. Please contact our support team at and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do.

In the future, remember never to cancel a trade after having sent the payment!