Feedback not visible in user account

In my last two trades, I positively rated my trading partner and wrote a short message. However, when I visit the profile of my trading partner, no matter if I am logged in or not, I don’t see the message I wrote.

In all other trades I saw the message. I only have the problem in my two most recent trades. Also, when I visit the user page of my trading partner, I see my message in the “Your feedback message” text. But I don’t see it in on the /user/<username>/feedback page.

Is this broken or am I not getting it?

Hi maschinko,

Confirmed feedbacks are feedbacks left by users with which you have had a total trade volume of over 100 USD equivalent based on the market price of the coins bought or sold. Please make sure that both your trades were over 100 USD equivalent based on the market price.

Ah, you’re right. That’s the cause in my case. Thank you!