Guidance for older folks

I’m a boomer and the jargon is Greek to me! How do I chat with a seller, for example, or prove my email is verified? I’ve read the instructions over and over.

Hi All_Quiet,

To chat with a seller, you need to open a trade with him. Once the trade is opened, you’ll see the trade chat on the trade page. Please read the seller’s trade terms very carefully, and ensure you agree to them before opening the trade.

or prove my email is verified?

If the seller is asking to verify your email in his trade terms, you can ask them to describe the process for you step by step in the trade chat. If you can’t open the trade with the seller because it requests a verified email on your LocalMonero account, then to verify your email address you need to go to your LocalMonero settings page: and click the “Email” tab. Just follow the steps there to verify your email address.