How can I make people in my country use cash by mail?

In USA, there are lots of cash-by-mail deals. USA is blessed in terms of non-KYC crypto deals. But, it’s cursed in various other ways.

I searched the internet. I found a few domestic BTC sellers on and so that I can convert BTC to XMR.

They either do face-to-face deals and bank transfer deals.

But, they don’t seem to like cash-by-mail deals. They ignored me when I offered cash-by-mail deals on agoradesk. I tried to do one face-to-face deal with one man, but he didn’t come because I didn’t call him although I still messaged on telegram that I would be going. Perhaps, was he trying to do KYC by getting my phone number? After that incidence, I gave up on face-to-face deals because I hate doing nothing on public transportation for more than 3 hours.

How can I create more demand for agoradesk and localmonero? Why do they not like cash-by-mail deals?

Have you considered testing out sending cash by mail to yourself just to make sure there are no problems associated with it in your country that may be scaring off potential clients?

Also, documenting the process might help you convince potential clients that it’s not a big deal.

Also, have you considered asking your potential clients about what payment methods you can use that also fit your own requirements?

I don’t have any crypto, so I can’t test it.

I like to call ourselves dealers. I documented the process, but nobody has taken the bait, yet.

I have. The few BTC sellers I contacted only accept face-to-face deals or bank transfer deals.

You don’t need to have crypto. What I meant was put some cash in the envelope and send it to yourself or to a friend just to test it out.

That is a good idea. I will definitely test cash by mail, but it still doesn’t solve the problem that no one is selling XMR or any other crypto for physical cash in my country.

Lots of people may buy XMR, ETH, or any other crypto with physical cash. Selling XMR on localmonero is going to be easier than buying XMR on localmonero.

Selling XMR on localmonero will still involve solving a marketing problem. I think working at a digital marketing company may help with my poor marketing skills.

If supply is low and demand is high you usually just need to pay a bit more for what you want. Try to increase your offer in your buy ads.

On a side note, you may want to abandon the idea that people who sell Monero are “dealers”. Trading Monero is legal in most places, and the community effort to increase adoption of Monero will not be helped by associating it with terms commonly used around criminal behavior. The community as a whole thanks you.

Car “dealers” are not known for criminal activities. If you watch mainstream media for log enough, you may notice that lots of words will be associated with criminal activities.

In some regions of china, mainstream media associated kitchen knives with crimes so much that people are now required to register their kitchen knives to government.

Crossbow wielders are associated with criminal activities in my country, so it’s almost impossible to buy crossbows in my country. I would have to print guns with a 3D printer because it’s virtually impossible to buy guns in my country.

If I censored myself more and more, I wouldn’t be able to say anything useful about monero soon. I am not going to censor myself.

If you censor yourself, you are afraid of freedom. I’m not afraid of freedom.

I suppose you are right. However, to me it is not about censoring one’s self but merely about good terminology. Car dealerships are shady, not because they are criminal in any way but because they tend to be over-zealous in their pursuit for profit. In just the same way, they tend to be unfavorable establishments with which to do business. A “trader” sounds fair, a “dealer” sounds unscrupulous, a “small business” sounds virtuous, and a “corporation” sounds evil.

We can discuss semantics till the sun explodes but neither of us will be in the right in any reasonable sense. I simply wanted to make a suggestion and I’ve made it. You disagree and that is just as well. Have a good day friend.