How do I avoid getting scammed using PayPal as a seller?

I’m trying to grow my coverage as a new seller by adding PayPal to my payment methods. I have seen a lot of people on the forum telling they got scammed with a chargeback. I have also noticed some sellers are using ‘Xoom only’ in their description. Is using Xoom an option or does anyone else know if it is possible to avoid getting scammed with PayPal payments? Really looking forward to an answer!

PayPal chargebacks are unfortunately quite common. You should join our telegram group Telegram: Contact @LocalMonero to discuss this question further, there’s a lot of sellers there that can chime in.

I thought that Paypal fnf from balance are immuned to chagebacks?

The difference between Friends & Family and Goods & Services is that it lacks buyer protection (Item not received, quality issues). You can still receive chargebacks in the event of fraud in both cases

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^ this, people can still call their bank, and say their card was stolen or call PayPal and say they didn’t authorize this or whatever

PayPal will probably gladly reverse the transaction and give you huge fees and launch an investigation on your account or something

Doing multiple trades with friends and family will ultimately end with your account being flagged anyways.