LocalMonero now has a no-JavaScript version! Tor/I2P visits will load the no-JavaScript version by default

Cypherpunks rejoice! After a titanic amount of work completely recreating the site from scratch we are proud to announce that our beautiful and almost functionally equivalent no-JavaScript version of the site is finally released. Those who access our site through the Tor/I2P portals will from now on be seeing the no-JavaScript version by default (this can be toggled).

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This is awesome and I’ve been playing around with it. I’ll post any issues or bugs I find here if you’d like.

The first issue I’ve noticed is when adjusting a “Market” type price formula it doesn’t accept a normal number as an input.

Thanks for reporting, but could you elaborate on that bug a bit? We just tried to use the number “2” as an input for the market price input mode and it worked both for editing and creating an ad.