May localmonero or agoradesk require KYC? says localmonero and agoradesk may require KYC.
But, doesn’t.

Do localmonero and agoradesk require KYC sometimes?

I read about surprise KYC eating customer funds. I cannot trust an exchange that pulls off surprise KYC attacks on customers. If KYC is done, at least it should be done up-front so that KYC doesn’t freeze customer funds.

LocalMonero/AgoraDesk do not require KYC, however individual traders might, as per their trade terms.

In very rare cases, a dispute moderator might request some sort of KYC if it’s the only way to prove a payment or lack of it.

Traders/Exchanges who require KYC are undermining the principles of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is supposed to allow two parties to transact without actually needing to trust each other. The idea of “trust-less” transactions are put into practice via trust-worthy blockchain applications which are, or should be, open-source. You can trust the applications because you can inspect them and verify how they work.

LocalMonero, as an exchange, does not require KYC but for some reason some traders do ask for ID in some form. This is probably because they are advertising very large trades and want to ensure they are not going to be defrauded. Traders who are participating in smaller trades seldom ask for ID.

If you don’t want to share your ID, which you should never do, don’t trade with those people who do KYC. Eventually those people will not get any business and go away.