Multiple ads by the same user - exactly the same details

As the subject mentions, there are dozens of equal ads with no differences and I’m just wondering if this amount of ad spamming is meant to be allowed.

Example -

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They’re not the same, they’re issued in different countries. Because the Euro is used in many countries, this is the result when a trader wants to have ads in all Eurozone countries.

Ah, I see.

Is there any possibility of having an ad for multiple countries?
Makes much more sense than just creating the same ad 20 times. Plus, much less clutter which will make searching neater.

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This case is pretty specific to the Eurozone. We’ll think about it.

Could also be applied to countries using USD as their official currency.

Thank you @alex

Hello everybody

I will soon extend my offer to europe.

However, the list will be expanded by 19x times my adds.

Of course, the background has just some customers with pupblic ip on localmonero on buy and sell see first the offer from the homeland.

On the other hand, this will probably not be easy to implement in the system.

one could introduce a function to copy offer and thereby a new trade id is created and the offer purely copied.

For example, if we selected “any country” in the search mode, we can filter it with a button.

“Do not show multilple ad and type from same user”

But there is no solution for everything.

This is a UX issue in the home page: users get a list of ads in their country on the home page. Which leads sellers to create ads in all countries, to get it in front of the eyeballs.