My account disappear after I have made a transaction

Hi Everybody! Yesterday I have created an account in LocalMonero, and have made a transaction with the seller XMR4YOU, of 38.497654 USDT for Monero. I have sent the USDT to this wallet:


I’ve clicked in the “paid” button, and indicated that the monero should be transfered to this XMR wallet:


However, now, many hours after this, the transaction did not concluded and I dont have the monero yet. And my original LocalMonero Account has just disapeared, I cant login with the credentials I’ve used yesterday to create the account, and for this reason I have created this new account to try to solve the problem… Does anyone can help me?

Hi theinvisibleguy,

Sure! Please PM me either via Telegram to @Edward_LocalMonero_AgoraDesk, via Matrix to or via support ticket, because the topic may contain private information. We’ll help you verify your info.