My first paypal scam

localmonero name

Paypal Name
Adrian Cuervo Benaque

He’s in the process of charging back 75 euros that the transaction was done without consent.

Hi chingchongfalung,

Thanks for the report! We’ve banned the scammer’s account.

Hi Edward,

Something isn’t adding up here. On an alt account I started a dispute with Redbull, and you joined my chat and said he has 24 hours to respond, but it’s been well over 48 hours and no action has been taken.

My purchase was protected by an arbitration bond, so I’m hoping to recoup the funds if possible.

What is also of concern to me is how someone was able to transfer over rep from Paxful, then pad their LM account with either legitimate or fake transactions (it would be pretty easy to do if the videos aren’t verified manually for every single transaction, which I’m assuming they are not), and then start scamming people.

It seems like this person is a petty scammer who isn’t really dealing with large amounts.

Let me know if I can give you any more information that will assist you, and check your LM inbox please, I messaged you.

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I recently placed a CashByMail order with Redbull.
The USPS tracking shows the package arriving at the USPS facility where Redbull’s PO Box is located, but then the tracking stops and the package wasn’t put into the PO Box. There have been no tracking updates for over a week. USPS had no explanation for what is happening.
This seems unusual and wonder if anyone else has a similar experience.
Redbull has since removed all listings on localmonero, and hasn’t replied to any messages.
so I’m not sure what to make of this. Support said to file a claim with USPS, which I have done, but I’m wondering if something else is going on here.

Hi mrcreeperman22,

Thanks for the report. I’ve responded to you via email.

What is also of concern to me is how someone was able to transfer over rep from Paxful

Traders can import their reputation from Paxful or LocalBitcoins accounts. We verify the ownership of the imported accounts by requesting traders to put the verification code in the profile bio of the imported account.

Placed order with Redbull with cash through mail. No replies at all and tracking showed delivered to individual, he has since been offline for 2 days. After further inspection of his rep, it shows 20k transactions on paxful but only 10BTC volume. That would equate to only ~$10-15 per transaction, something isn’t adding up. Also his proton email he lists does not even exist and he does not reply at all on telegram. Will be opening dispute now.

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I have 2 open transactions with Redbull as well CBM, but my package was delivered to him successfully. The coins are held by arbitrage but I have not heard from him at all since I started the trade 3-4 days ago. Something is not right with this. I’m wondering if his account was hacked.

I already filed a dispute but have not heard from the admins. Nobody with 20k+ feedback is ignoring their customers. Hoping for a resolution for this and I’m glad I’m not the only one bc I thought I was.

edit - I did try to contact his tele too with no reply. It hasn’t been online in over a week it says. I’m really hoping for a resolution for us both, I’ve never had an issue on here until now.


Telegram shows “last seen within a week”, not over a week. It showed he was online until 2 days ago, the same time LocalMonero shows him as offline as well.


thx baluga, apexguy, and mrcreeperman22 for posting your experiences with Redbull.

as of now, Redbull still has a 100% feedback score, which I’m assume means that no disputes/transactions have been resolved as of yet. there hasn’t been any new feedback left on his profile since 10/1/23, which is surprising considering that his listings were at the top of the list for CashByMail transactions.

I was told once a trade is complete then feedback can be left (which would presumably be neutral/negative). I imagine there are others beyond the 4 of us having an issue.

can we keep each other informed about the status of our claims/disputes - its helpful to know its not just me, and i’d really just like to receive my funds soon

Okay, so I just realized that redbull2023 is a different user than Redbull. That makes me feel a lot better about things :stuck_out_tongue:

As for a status update @cowboymarch I never recorded myself handing the package to the postal worker, so I have to wait for my dispute to become a week old before we can proceed.

Somebody else just left positive feedback on him, but he says he did it late. Like @apexguy said something is definitely going on with Redbull.

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I didn’t record myself inside the post office either but mailed others that day with no problems. At least you were told to wait a week, I wasn’t given a timeline by the Admin, I was told that my dispute would be kept open and monitored. I’m assuming that means until forgotten about. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how this could be anyone’s fault but Redbull?

None of us did anything wrong. I asked Edward to come and reread this thread but it appears he’s aware of the situation.

@baluga @cowboymarch @mrcreeperman22

Will keep everyone updated as to what happens, for now it’s looking like I will be out this money for good​:man_facepalming: how far is everyone from this persons addy? Could just show up :eyes:

Cowboymarch I sent you a PM on here a few days ago if you could check it please.

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I’m in the same boat as everyone else. I didn’t record the package and was told the dispute would stay open “for now” with no timeframe. I agree that this shouldn’t be our fault. If you accept the cash parcel then you’re responsible for releasing coins. If you can’t stay active at least once a day then take down your listings.


Just had my trade finalized and the funds returned to me. Any luck?

Glad to hear it!! I’m still waiting for the trade to be finalized. Did you leave feedback for Redbull?

I have to wait a month after the package was delivered to have mine finalized.