Need to buy XMR but no vendors around

Hello all,
I am in Denver, CO and am having trouble finding a way to purchase monero. There’s nobody around on localmonero and I don’t trust the cash by mail. I’ve been scammed way too many a times similarly. Interested in Xmr for a plethora of reasons.
Any advice in safely acquiring monero would be much appreciated!

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I understand your distrust of cash by mail, but I can tell you that if you go with a trusted cash by mail seller like opticbit you’ll almost certainly never encounter any problems.

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im denver . if you can find kroger recharge card in king soopers i can trade you. rate is 80 cents in monero for $1 you send me

May I meet you in person?

How often is it that a person gets scammed by any of these sellers? I don’t see a guarantee from sit nor any sense of a team that would investigate the situation if such thing did occur.

Sellers like opticbit have been selling for cash by mail for many years and on many different platforms and he has never scammed anyone as far as we know. Reputation is key. If you’re that worried, you can start small and see how the process works.

Just a note, in case you don’t understand how the system works… Once you initiate a cash by mail trade or any trade for that matter, the Monero that you are set to receive is immediately placed in escrow. The seller has no way of getting those coins back unless they can prove that you never sent the cash or never made the payment as agreed. That is why most sellers require that you add tracking to the package when mailing cash.

Also, the way sellers make money on the site is by charging a small markup on the coins they sell. It is not in their interest to steal your money. This is why you need to look for sellers with good reputation and lots of other orders. As soon as they receive your package, the seller will release the coins. That is how they keep their good reputation. Would I do cash by mail to someone with 0 orders and a 0% reputation? No, probably not… but even in that case, the coins I was due to receive have already been taken and placed in escrow. It would be tough for them to prove you didn’t send the money if you have tracking info. If they won’t release the coins from escrow to you, the next step is to initiate a dispute and localmonero staff step in at that point and review all the information including your tracking number and their non existent trade history and reputation. Even in that case, I still can’t see you losing the coins you purchased.

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Man, I just opened my first cryptocurrency trade ever in my life. It’s a cash by mail trade.
No one else in my country does a cash-by-mail trade.

Would you take a look and say a thing or two?

i have a solid guy in mass you could prob look at my trades wiiyh him joal19

You might consider buying BTC or XMR in centralized exchanges. You can sell BTC for XMR.

Lots of people buy XMR. But, not many people sell XMR.

Многие люди покупают XMR. Но не многие люди продают XMR.

а я продаю )))

Is he Really ???.?..

hello how a u my name is federico

2 months late, but I’m around lol

Hi Guys

You can buy Monero(XMR), from Binance, however it requires a few steps.

You cannot buy Monero directly with Fiat currency with Binance, however
you can buy XMR, with BTC/USDT.

Step 1.
Register an account with Binance, if you haven’t got one.

Step 2.
Deposit Fiat currency USD/GBP etc into your Binance wallet.
Then buy required amount in Bitcoin you want to convert to XMR.

Step 3.
Place a trade to convert your BTC to XMR, from within Binance, the rates
are very good normally.

I paid £100 and was left with around £96, after doing all conversions and paying charges.

It is also very easy to buy popular Crypto within Binance, without having to make a trade.

For more information on the process, do some research, check YouTube, there are guys on there showing the entire process.

Good Luck

Best Regards

Just ask me. There are a variety of payment methods. There is always a localmoneo platform that is suitable for you. The transaction is safe and guaranteed.