New vendor : Selling XMR for Paypal unverified - Ad at the bottom of the list

I made an ad sellling XMR for Paypal no KYC, unverified paypals are fine.
However when I search for it I am always at the bottom.
I understand I just signed up, but how can I get any sales if I appear at the bottom of the searches?
Is there any way to get it higher up?
This is my ad : Buy Monero using Paypal: Paypal friends and family with Euro (EUR) — LocalMonero
Hope there is a solution, otherwise for new vendors It’s game over before they can begin trading with users.

Hi! You need to accumulate some feedback from other users before you’ll be sorted to the top.

You can respond to other people’s buy offers to achieve this.

yeah but you must operate at a loss per trade, do that for 100trades that will easily cost you more than you can recoup in 6-12months.
I just hope we could have a more democratic search system, because like this It’s skewed for the most popular service, rather than decentralizing we centralize to the same 10vendors with 1k+ feedbacks.
What do you think?

You just need 3 feedbacks to get sorted purely on price. No need for 100 trades.

I just have to do 3 trades of any value?
Or I must receive 3 feedbacks?

3 feedbacks. A feedback is only earned if the market value of the coins of the trade is more than 100 USD. One feedback per user.

Thank you very much, I already received my first trade.
Hope I will work my way up.

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