Scammed $2000 by xxdash12

xxdash12 (cash-in-mail seller) is a scammer. He provided me with a USPS tracking number that was in “pre-shipment” status for 3 days, then made excuses about wildfires and offered that if I would FE him even more money he could get it fixed. I checked the USPS site and there were no mail delays in the area that the tracking number came from.
When he made me the “FE me more money to get this sorted out” offer he mentioned he could remotely do a return-to-sender, so I told him I wanted him to do that and refund my money, because I needed this money to pay my rent. He wouldn’t do it, and the shipment status was making no changes as it hadn’t even been mailed out, so I left a negative review. Then he said that because I left him a negative review, he was keeping the $2k. Such a disgusting, thinly veiled excuse for keeping the $2k he never sent in the first place.
I FE’d so I have no expectation of getting my money back, but I hope that other LocalMonero buyers won’t make the same mistake I did in dealing with this cretin. I’m completely screwed right now. I’m not going to be able to make rent and I’ll probably have to give my pets up to the SPCA since I have nobody in the area to take care of them when I’m out on the streets. Absolutely, positively, DO NOT EVER DEAL WITH XXDASH12.

If any LocalMonero staff happen to read this, please feel free to go through the messages yourself. The PGP key that his messages to me were encrypted with was a throwaway key generated specifically for that transaction, so if it’ll help you get this guy banned, message me and I’ll give you the private key so you can read everything yourself.

Thanks for reporting, we’ve banned him. He’s already withdrawn the coins, so we can’t return the to you, unfortunately.

Thanks for the prompt response.