User "cranetrade"

Possible chargeback - do not trade with her. If anyone else has traded with her, please let me know so we can get our money back

yup. same fraud attempt on me. did the ‘sent payment, did not receive good delivered’ at their own bank.

i have discussed the issue with the fraud team at my bank. am willing to work in conjunction with you if you like to ensure they see she is the scammer, and not us.

Braintrade, please contact me on telegram @HarveyC48 or 07538332302. Cheers

The account holder has nothing to do with trading monero in most cases. You have traded with a fraudster who

  1. gained access to the online banking of the victim and changed mtan, pushtan, whatevertan
  2. Sold something online and send the customer your bank Information so the customer thought she is buying new beauty nails but in real she bought monero from you for the fraudster.
    Keep watching for guys requesting a trade and canceling after you send them the infrmations

only seeing this now. can’t find you on telegram. all good?