User Tenente - Take care when using PIX!

I did sold today 210 BRL in XMR to the user Tenente, which did a bank transaction (brazilian pix method) with me. Then an hour and a half after the transaction the bank informed me that the transaction is being contested. This only happens in fraud cases.

The user Tenente had 15 trades before, albeit no feedback. This means that all brazillian sellers here are at danger when using the PIX payment method. I’m here to provide more details.

Hi moneroteste,

Thanks for the report. I see that you’ve also opened the ticket on our support portal. I’ll contact you for more details there.

Thank you Edward for banning the account!

Let’s make harder the life of these scammers! I’m gonna post all the history here at the forum later today, to show how a seller can better protect himself from scammers like this.