What determines the order in which advertisements are listed?


I noticed that even though I have the best prices and 100% feedback, my advertisement is at the bottom of the listings.

I come from localbitcoins where usually the best priced advert would appear on top.

The number of completed trades is also considered in sorting, with new traders being sorted lower. After you get some more trades under your belt, your ads will be sorted higher.

Hi tony,

I imported my 3000+ reputation from localbitcoins. Does that also count or is it only the localmonero trades?

Just the LocalMonero trades.

Ah, I understand now.

Is there a specific reason for this policy?

I would have thought that trade count numbers from both websites would have contributed equally.

LocalMonero trades are the only ones we can reliably verify to be authentic. Stolen and sold LocalBitcoins/Paxful accounts are a big concern, unfortunately.

You don’t need that many confirmed feedbacks to be sorted to the top tier though, I suggest responding to other traders’ ads to get them.