What is wrong with Cash App payments?

Can any one explain how to check to make sure that cash app payment doesn’t come from hacked account?
Let me explain: recently tried to trade with Jvcgghk2
Got the money to my cash app and asked for the link to the receipt of cash app payment (which took a while). Also buyer sent a picture of the phone screen opened on desktop in ubuntu.
that made me suspicious and I have refunded the payment. Buyer started flipping and stating that transaction will not be canceled.
No direct proof, but very big suspicion the money are coming from hacked account.
My question is how to prevent it?

Hi! Welcome.

In case you don’t get an answer here, you should ask on our Telegram group which is very active. Plenty of sellers can advise.

interact bro
you got scammed i lost $ paypal shit like that interact best for canada imo