Where To Now That LocalMonero Is Closing?

With localmonero shutting down, is there any adjacent sites? I’d prefer it to have strong escrow like local and no KYC options. Anyone got any ideas? Any popular members here moving to telegram to continue trading?

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I’m wondering the same. I’ve tried to Google it. None of the p2p sites i found offer Monero.

one trader mentioned bitvalve. it has an XMR section https://www.bitvalve.com/
it’s not as busy (yet).
Also I haven’t used the exchange myself - take it with a bucket of salt and use at your own risk.
welcome back to the wild west XD

Please check out www.protectwealth.co to get XMR with no KYC and no limits on crypto-to-crypto exchanges. Thank you

dont trust that. there are no good alternatives now for fiat-xmr besides haveno but no offers yet since today was launch. crypto-crypto is easy tho

check reddit.com/r/monero

protectwealth actually works pretty well, used them a few times already; system breaks sometimes but support team is on TOP.

Really? Can anyone else back this up?

I would use something more reputable I have never heard